About Us

Police Fit Canada's provides applicants and personnel the best opportunity to prepare for the physical demands of law enforcement. We pride ourselves in giving applicants and members the opportunity to better prepare and to excel in the physical fitness testing component of municipal, provincial and national agencies. Police Fit Canada offers workshops for the 'new Ontario' P.R.E.P., P.A.R.E, FITCO, Alberta-PREP and P.O.P.A.T. physical testing. The applicant is given the opportunity to practice the sections of the tests while using the latest equipment, standards, and protocols.

Once you feel prepared for testing we are an accredited testing agency by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P).CBSA, Parliament Protective Service and all federal agencies requiring testing for the Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (P.A.R.E.), Alberta Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (A-PREP) and  the Ontario Correctional Services FITCO testing.  Police Fit Canada is also an accredited assessment agency for the Police Officer Physical Abilities Test (P.O.P.A.T).

Police Fit Canada is available to provide mobile testing for colleges, universities or other government and private agencies requiring P.A.R.E, FITCO, A-PREP or P.O.P.A.T. testing nationally.  Police Fit Canada will continue testing throughout Canada in 2020.  Check our website for additional dates and locations regularly.

If you are applying to an Ontario police agency you will be required to pass the Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (P.R.E.P.).   We provide the opportunity to take P.R.E.P. workshops and provide you, the applicant, the best possible chance to succeed your PREP.

Our experience in providing workshops for the P.R.E.P., P.A.R.E, FITCO, A-PREP and P.O.P.A.T. tests has been a great benefit to applicants in achieving their goal and improving their results. We have seen several applicants fail simply because they were unprepared physically and mentally prior to testing. Applicants who take these tests unprepared often fail because they do not pace themselves or fail to use their strengths to save valuable time. Practicing can provide you the confidence in your abilities and provide you the opportunity master the components of the bona fide occupational police physical testing.

Our facilitators will provide you advice and instruction to help you achieve a personal victory. It is important that you understand that recruiters must be satisfied that your physical abilities will allow you to succeed once you arrive at the police college or agency.
We look forward to making this a team effort with our trainers, facilitators and coaches.
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