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COVID 19 response regarding PIN Testing for LATERAL TRANSFER APPLICANTS with the Ottawa Police Service

Lateral Transfer Applicants - Virtual PIN Testing for Ottawa Police Service lateral transfer applicants

Understanding that some candidates may have difficulty finding a facility to administer fitness testing due to the pandemic.  The Ottawa Police Service has reached out to Police Fit Canada to conduct a virtual PIN assessment. Candidates will be responsible for the cost of the assessment.  Please go to the Registration - Inscription tab to select a date and time.

The following has been adopted by OPS  to satisfy the hiring process regarding Lateral Transfer candidates during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Step 1- Virtual meeting/consultatiion with each candidate via Zoom or other platform. 
Consultation will focus on the Candidates present training and engagement; You will be contacted, via email, 48 hours prior to your scheduled meeting/consultation with the necessary link for your Zoom aeppointment.

Step 2- Candidate to provide a 2 week Training Log after consultation. Discussed at Step 1

Step 3- Candidates will be asked to do a series of timed exercises that help in evaluating the abilities and likelihood of succeeding the PIN physical standard for Lateral Transfers Discussed at Step 1

Step 4- After evaluating the candidates abilities and Training Log, Police Fit Canada will provide a Virtual PIN "Certificate of Performance" supporting the Candidate continuation in the Lateral Transfer process with OPS. A candidate not achieving a pass standard on the abilities test will be encouraged to continue their training and be reassessed at a later time.

Step 5- Candidates who are hired by OPS may be required to complete a PIN fitness test during training at the OPS Professional Development Center.  The offer of employment with OPS remains conditional to the Candidate being successful at the time of testing.

**Please note that this process has been implemented to permit the continuation of applicant files during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Police Fit Canada is pleased to be the sole provider of this testing for the Ottawa Police Service.


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