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*COVID 19 response regarding PREP Testing for the Ottawa Police Service

The following has been adopted by OPS to satisfy the hiring process regarding candidates during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Step 1- Virtual meeting/consultation with each candidate via Zoom.
Consultation will focus on the Candidates present training and engagement;

Step 2- Candidate to provide a 2 week Training Log after consultation. Discussed at Step 1

Step 3- Candidates will be asked to do a series of timed exercises that help in evaluating the abilities and likelihood of succeeding the PREP physical standard. Discussed at Step 1

Step 4- After evaluating the candidates abilities and Training Log, Police Fit Canada will provide a Virtual PREP "Certificate of Performance" supporting the Candidate continuation in the recruit process with OPS. A candidate not achieving a pass standard on the abilities test will be encouraged to continue their training and be reassessed at a later time.

Step 5- Candidates who are hired by OPS are required to pass a PREP fitness test prior to attending OPC. The offer of employment with OPS remains conditional to the Candidate being successful at the time of testing.

**Please note that this process has been implemented to permit the continuation of applicant files during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This process satisfies Stage 3 of the OPS hiring protocols.

Police Fit Canada is pleased to be the sole provider of this testing for the Ottawa Police Service.


Due to the nature of our service we rely on the number of registrations for staffing and operations. You are choosing a spot for a meeting that has a limited number of space. You will NOT be reimbursed once registered. Please only book when you are positive you will be available on the date and at the time that YOU are selecting. We look forward to your virtual meeting.

*** Please note your selection. You virtual meeting/assessment date will not appear on your email receipt.

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