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I booked a test and can’t make it or no longer need to do it... can I get my money refunded or change my date & time? COVID-19 Update

I booked a test and can't make it or no longer need to do it... can I get my money refunded or change my date & time?

COVID-19 Update

Unfortunately not. The number of participants is limited at each test, your commitment to attending may have prevented others from attending that session or having a priority status.


All candidates that have had their testing suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions in Ottawa maintain their priority status and have a CREDIT available once we are able to resume testing at the La Cité-911 Institute.

Your CREDIT can be used to schedule a PREP Virtual Meeting/Consultation to attain a "PREP Certificate of Performance" regarding OPS candidates. The "PREP Certificate of Performance" satisfies Stage 3 of the OPS recruiting process.

All other candidates with a CREDIT (PARE, FITCO) will have a priority status once we resume "in person testing" in Ottawa.

PLEASE note that due to limited numbers per session (1-6) you remain committed to your testing. An injury, not feeling "ready" or work schedule conflict, to name a few, remains your responsibility to assume.

Police Fit Canada relies on testing registrations to cover our rental fees, personnel and associated costs for providing testing. These costs have increased due to our several measures regarding PPE and disinfection/decontamination.

Prior to the January 2021 lockdown Police Fit Canada was the sole testing agency operating from June to December, 2020 in Canada. We were able to meet testing and disinfecting protocols to resume testing due to advanced measures in place. Therefore, we can assure you we will be resuming testing once the "Stay Home Order" is lifted. 

We are able to continue FITCO Testing in Hamilton due to the "Essential Status" at the Correctional Services Recruitment and Training Centre.  Please attend your FITCO Testing, in Hamilton, as scheduled.  Please note that this is a fluid situation.  If you would like to maintain a CREDIT for a future date please let us know via email.

Please be sure of your availability and status prior to booking.

Your registration is a commitment that you will be attending (live or virtual). If you are not sure of being prepared, of your availability or your wanting to be tested then please do not book.

Due to the nature of testing Police Fit Canada reserves the right to stop a candidate from continuing the test if the administrator deems the candidate unprepared for testing. In this case, the candidate will not be reimbursed testing fees.

Please do not book multiple dates because you fear you will not pass. We do not refund if you reserve multiple test dates. Please remember that we adhere to strict protocols regarding the number of applicants being tested per session.

Thank you for your understanding & please stay safe

Police Fit Canada Team

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