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New “Day in the life” experiential police training.

New training in 2020 that we have called, “A day in the life”. Our new training includes two 12 hour shifts that highlight various calls, duties and responsibilities, in a controlled environment.  Participants will be provided the opportunity to work a shift where actors will simulate various calls and you will be able to demonstrate your ability to make decisions and follow procedures during police response.  All training will take place at the La Cité-911 Institute, located at 801 Aviation Parkway, Ottawa, ON K1K 4R3.  The leading edge training facility is equipped with several simulators, training labs, police booking area, cell block, mock court and all necessary equipment to provide a fully immersed police experience. Participants will be equipped with a full duty belt containing the necessary equipment to respond to calls, make use of force decisions, take necessary notes and follow the booking procedures leading up to court testimony.  At the end of the training participants will be provided a complete overview and debriefing regarding areas of improvement, decision making skills and a certicate of participation that can be added to their portfolio.

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