Frequently Asked Questions

Will you forward my results to the recruiting agency?

Applicants will need to provide a valid PARE CERTIFICATE from an RCMP approved PARE centre.

The La Cité, 911 Institute located at 801 Aviation Parkway in Ottawa, ON is an approved PARE Testing Centre.   Police Fit Canada is certified and accredited to provide PARE CERTIFICATES to meet all protocols and requirements to commence and satisfy the application process for all municipal, provincial and federal agencies requiring the PARE as their physical standard.


Immediately after testing, you will be provided with a PARE CERTIFICATE of RESULTS form that will be completed, signed, stamped and dated by the PARE Administrator from Police Fit Canada.


* It is the applicant's responsibility to keep and provide the PARE CERTIFICATE of RESULTS form as/when needed in his/her recruiting process.

Due to a signed protocol, PARE results will be forwarded by Police Fit Canada to the CBSA recruiting/assessment email upon your successful completion of your PARE for the CBSA.



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