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6 Week Training with Police Fit Canada personal Coach Leah Kyte.

We are excited to offer you a virtual coaching and training opportunity.  We regularly receive training requests for and we are now happy to offer you an additional opportunity to get "Fit to Serve".

Leah is well versed on the physical requirements to pass the PREP, FITCO & PARE Testing.  We recognize that due to the high demand regarding testing we are unable to offer workshops.  Police Fit Canada remains the only testing agency in Canada able to provide testing due to our special testing facility at the La Cité-911 Institute and the implementation of our leading edge Aero Rover electrostatic robot for disinfection and decontamination.

Are you interested in having a training coach? If so, Leah Kyte will help you achieve your goals.  Her extensive training experience will guide you through virtual and follow-up training.  We are pleased to have Leah on our Team at Police Fit Canada.  For the nominal fee of $60.00 she will guide you through various exercises and follow-ups to track your progress.

For information visit the following link.

Please email Leah to schedule your "Fit to Serve" training with coaching.

"Pulling together for a stronger candidate"


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