Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (P.A.R.E.) cost?

Each PARE test is $79.00 (plus HST).  You will be provided a signed, dated and stamped  PARE CERTIFICATE of RESULTS once you have completed testing.

*It is the applicant's responsibility to keep and provide this form as/when needed in his/her RCMP recruiting process.

Applicants will need to provide a valid PARE CERTIFICATE from an RCMP approved PARE Center.  The La Cité, 911 Institute is an approved PARE Center and Police Fit Canada is an accredited PARE testing provider.

UPDATE: May 1st, 2016.  RCMP applicants will no longer be required to complete the Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE) during their application process. The PARE fitness standard has solely been shifted to the Depot Training Academy for the RCMP applicant/recruit.


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