Frequently Asked Questions

I booked a test and can’t make it or no longer need to do it... can I get my money refunded?

Unfortunately not. because the number of participants is limited at each test, your commitment to attending may have prevented others from attending that session.
Please be sure of your availability and status prior to booking.


Your registration is a commitment that you will be attending.  If you are not sure of being prepared, of your availability or your wanting to be tested then please do not book.
There are no exceptions to our no refund policy.

Due to the nature of testing Police Fit Canada reserves the right to stop a candidate from continuing the test if the administrator deems the candidate unprepared for testing.  In this case, the candidate will not be reimbursed testing fees.

Please do not book multiple dates because you fear you will not pass.  We do not refund if you reserve multiple test dates. Please remember that we adhere to strict protocols regarding the number of applicants being tested per session.  


PLEASE note that due to limited numbers per session (4) you remain committed to your testing time and date.  An injury, not feeling "ready" or work schedule conflict, to name a few, remains your responsibility to assume.  Police Fit Canada relies on testing registrations to cover our rental fees, personnel and associated costs for providing testing.

***Your wanting to reschedule means that you will need to forfeit your payment and pay for another testing.

Thank you for your understanding.

Police Fit Team

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