Frequently Asked Questions

Police Fit Canada DOES NOT send out additional reminder emails.

Please note that we do not send out additional emails or reminders regarding your testing.

Since you chose your physical test, date, time & location, Police Fit Canada does not assume the responsibility to remind you of when you are to attend for testing. You will receive a receipt confirming your transaction and payment.

NOTE: Your receipt will not show the day and time you selected.

Please make sure to note your date, time & location at the time YOU are registering.

Due to the large volume of emails we are receiving, since COVID-19, we are doing our best to respond in a timely manner.  However, requesting a further confirmation of testing date and time will not be answered. The selection remains your responsibility to assume, note and attend based on YOUR selection.

Failing to attend testing on the date YOU selected will result in your needing to pay for another test.  Police Fit Canada does not assume the responsibility of your failure to note your testing date, time and location.

For additional information please read our Q & A section on our website.  

Thank you,

The Police Fit Canada Team 


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