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SUSPENDED- COVID 19 response regarding PREP Testing for the Ottawa Police Service

This process is now suspended since we are now able to begin PREP Testing on June 22, 2020

The following has been adopted by OPS and Police Fit Canada to satisfy Level 5 of the hiring process with OPS during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Step 1- Virtual meeting/consultatiion with each candidate via Instagram or other platform. 
Consultation will focus on the Candidates present training and engagement;

Step 2- Candidate to provide a 2 week Training Log after consultation. Discussed at Step 1

Step 3- Candidates will be asked to do a series of timed exercises that help in evaluating the abilities and likelihood of succeeding PREP.  Discussed at Step 1

Step 4- After evaluating the candidates abilities and Training Log, Police Fit Canada will provide a "Certificate of Performance" supporting the Candidate continuation in the hiring process with OPS. A candidate not achieving a pass standard on the abilities test will be encouraged to continue their training and be reassessed at a later time.

Step 5- Candidates will have a PREP Test scheduled prior to attending OPC. The offer of employment with OPS remains conditional to the Candidate successfully achieving a PASS on the PREP. (Under 2:37 ERC and level 7 on Shuttle). Likely to occur by mid-June/2020.

All candidates that were previously scheduled in March, April, May, June, July and August have priority. 

Be safe and stay safe.  


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