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What is the Virtual Meeting/Consultation for OPS?

We are now resuming our COVID-19 PREP Virtual Meetings/Consultations

OPS and Police Fit Canada have developed a temporary way to continue the hiring process during the COVID-19 Pandemic. (Stage 3 of OPS hiring process)

If you were/are registered for PREP Testing to be held in January, February or March/2021, we are offering an opportunity for a  Virtual Consult/Meeting with Police Fit Canada.  We will discuss your training and the other steps to be taken to move your application forward with OPS.  Please register and choose a date and time for a PREP - Virtual Meeting/Consultation.  You will receive further details regarding obtaining a "PREP Certificate of Performance" that will allow you to proceed through the hiring process with OPS which satisfies Stage 3 in moving your file forward. 

Note- You will be required to do the PREP Testing prior to attending the Ontario Police College (OPC).

The following YouTube video will provide you further information regarding the COVID-19 "PREP Certificate of Performance" Assessments you will be asked to perform as a benchmark.

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