Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen at the test once I arrive for testing?

We will greet you at the doors of the La Cité-911 Institute located in building "A".  You will be asked COVID-19 Questions regarding how you feel and a series of questions prior to being admitted into the facilities.  Please see video for additional information and to see our testing set-up.

Once COVID-19 Proctocols have been done, you will be escorted to the PARE, PREP, FITCO testing facilities located in rooms A-0340 A-0350. (Lower level of 911 Institute)


First (1): We will verify your Medical Clearance (if you answered 'YES' to one of the 7 questions on the PAR-Q and You form or the PAR-Q+ form you must have a Medical Clearance form signed and stamped by a physician. A medical Clearance is  only required if you answer "Yes" to one of the 7 questions on the PAR-Q & You form and/or you are over 45 years of age. We will make a copy of your Medical Clearance (part 2 of form)and check your government issued picture ID.

ReSecond (2): We will provide you two forms to sign (the PAR-Q and You form, the Liability Waiver and Informed Consent)


See our  Forms-Formulaires section on our website to view these forms.  All forms will be provided upon your arrival for testing.  We will NOT email these forms to you prior to testing.

Third (3): We will take your blood pressure and heart rate. Blood pressure reading must be under 160/90Mh prior to testing.  A Medical Clearance is required if the blood pressure reading is higher then 160/90Mh.  

Fourth (4): We will explain the test and demonstrate the protocols of the test and how they are evaluated.

Fifth (5): You will have a warm-up period

Sixth (6): You will have an opportunity to practice the various components of the test until no further questions are asked and all guidelines have been given. (1 candidate at a time with disinfecting between each practice followed by testing immediately)

Seventh (7): Test will be administered! You will be given your time and results at the end of your performance.

We will provide you with the Certificate of Results for the test you completed.  You are encouraged to forward your results to your recruiter and agency.  We will forward your results, as per protocols, depending on the agency requirements and understandings.

NOTE* We strongly encourage all candidates to scan a copy of their results to their private email.   Doing so, will allow for a quick verification/confirmation if the need should arise at a later date.

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