Frequently Asked Questions

Workshops Suspended - Due to the large demand for testing due to COVID-19

Since Police Fit Canada is one of the only providers able to do testing at this time due to COVID-19.  We are focusing  the available time at our testing facilities on testing candidates that feel ready to move forward in their hiring process  

If you are wanting a workshop we encourage you to book a testing since our group numbers are small and we are able to provide guidance and recommendations before and after testing.  You will be given time to touch, grab, squeeze, pull, push and try the various components on testing day.

As soon as other testing providers will resume operations we will be able to return to offering workshops for applicants.  

We apologize for any inconvenience however agencies/services have asked us to focus on testing to assure a constant flow of evaluated candidates completing their Fitness Stage/Component within their hiring process.

We encourage you to train and inform yourself of the various components of your testing.  Police Fit Canada and many other services have videos available on YouTube to assist in your preparation.  We encourage you to educate yourself regarding the fitness requirements and standards prior to testing.

Wishing you much success

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